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Dr. Estar is an Authorpreneur, meaning she doesn't just write books, she starts businesses with her books.  She learned writing a book and start a business are totally different. When she ventured into  writing a book, she had to take certain measures to accomplish her objectives.

After all, Authorpreneurship is a journey she had to prepare for  before committing to the plunge.  She is an International Educational Consultant and founder of several non-profit organizations.  Such as The Women's Resource Center for Training and Development in Axum, Ethiopia, Marcus Garvey Pan Afrikan University in Mbale, Uganda.  The founder of Teach A Woman 2 Fish, Umayat Spiritual Education Circle for Self-Realization, Earth's Natural Healing Institute.  With over 30 years of educational experience and 15 years of consultancy experience, she'd already done quite a bit of groundwork to become an Authorpreneur.  

Check out the bookstore for just a few of the books written by Dr. Alexandria.  Purchase the books and you determine the quality of her expertise as a writer and publisher.  As the author of Gifted and Black she has created the book, CD, music video, animation, anti-bullying program, Double Dutch Training and working on a musical all for the same book.  She is the very definition of an Authorpreneur.  


Why you need to publish a book and begin your journey into this industry.  This book will help you navigate the roadblocks which often come up for new authors. 

The types of books to write.  Both digital and print books have their advantages, and with today’s demand for print and digital technology, you can easily publish both. While having a digital book allows you to extend your reach.  You will also want to have a physical book available for people who live in your local area, as well as the people you come in direct contact with. 

Why publishing your book is a great way to grow your business. Handing people a copy of your book, or pointing them to your book listing on Amazon will reinforce the fact you are an expert in your field.

  • What to know before you publish your book;
  • Putting your books content together;
  • They types of content you should write;
  • How to write with your publishing professional;
  • Additional book elements you need to consider in the writing process.

The Manual and Companion to Get Published in 30-Days provides you with the practical steps to get your book published in 30 days.  It takes years to write a book, right?  Well the truth is that it can take years to write a book. However, that time frame is generally reserved for people who are writing their magnum opus or life story. It doesn’t apply to people who are writing a business or non-fiction book. So the myth, it must take years to write a great book just doesn’t apply.

By the time you complete this manual, your book will be written.  You will have:

  • Identified your topic and all the knowledge you know about it;
  • Outlined your book;
  • Created your book;
  • Be ready for sending your book to a professional editor.
" I was very skeptical about getting these books, as I knew nothing about the writing process.  But Dr. Alexandria's books made the process simple and easy to follow.  I am a driven person, so when I set my mind to something you can consider it done, and that is just what I did with these two books, I got my book done!  I could not have done it without her guidance. "
" The simplicity of the instructions in Get Published Now and the practicality of the manual gave me the confidence, I could make this process happen.  As a school teacher, I get summers off and decided to take on the challenge of writing my book in 30 Days with Dr. Alexandria's books.  Much to my surprise the process was less complicated than writing a lesson plan or developing curriculum for my students.  Thank you Dr. Alexandria for helping to make my dream come true in 30 days. "
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